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Introducing TD-1

Calculating Transmission Distance (TD) values for your filament was lengthy to print and hard to know what to look for.
So, I created TD-1 to simplify it and take the guesswork out of the process.


Three purchase options

  • Self-Sourced – Hardware from our BOM.
  • PCB kit – Just print the parts and assemble.
  • Complete unit – Ready to use out of the box.

Save time and filament

With TD-1 you no longer need to build light boxes, print test swatches, or manually enter data into HueForge.

Seamless integration

TD-1 connects directly to your PC that is already running HueForge. When you insert filament, you’ll automatically be presented the new filament menu within HueForge.

“Understanding TD is hard, Testing it shouldn’t be.”


Testing filament has never been easier

Stay tuned for more updates. We can’t wait to revolutionize your TD testing experience!
Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey.