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This page will be updated as soon as we know exact dates. For resellers labeled as “Restock Shipped” or “Stock Shipped“, this means that the resellers order from AJAX 3D has shipped to them and that they should be receiving them shortly. Resellers with these labels are expected to have their orders by Friday May 31st. Each reseller will have their own turnaround time, but I would guess they are going to be quick to start shipping orders.

Polymaker (US only):

West 3D (US based, Offers Worldwide Shipping):

Printed Solid (US):

Vector 3D (UK based): (CA based, Worldwide Shipping):

  • KitsIn-Stock.

DREMC (AU based):

Siddament (AU based):

  • KitsIn Stock.

PlaceHolder (FR based):

3D Lab Tech (CA based):

  • KitsStock Shipped.

KB3D (US):

Bedlam Threadz (CA based):

Coming Soon