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TD-1 HueForge User Guide

This guide was written for use with HueForge V0.7.1 and up.

Adding Filaments

Launch HueForge V0.7.1 or higher and connect TD-1, in any order.

A TD-1 menu will be displayed when TD-1 is connected.

Additionally, an “HF” icon will be displayed in the top left corner of the TD-1 screen.

Inserting filament will now pop up an “Add Filament” dialog box.

If the color is off and you would like to adjust it, you can right click on the color box and select “Change Color” and adjust the color as desired.

You can also use the up and down arrows next to the TD box if you wish to adjust the TD value.

Clicking “Add” will add the filament to your library and keep this dialog box open for adding more filaments.

“Add Close” will add the filament to your library and close the dialog box.

Getting TD-1 Device information

Select the TD-1 menu tab and select “Get Version”

This will display the SN and current version of important files on TD-1.

TD-1 Settings

Select the TD-1 menu tab and select “Settings”

This will open the Settings dialog box.

Here you can select your screen type, enable Continuous TD, Continuous Color(requires continuous TD to be enabled), set the rate at which scans happen in Continuous mode, and how long you want to delay the starting of continuous after an initial scan.

Saving will update the TD-1 settings and require you to disconnect and reconnect it. The TD-1 screen will display “Update complete Reboot TD-1” when the settings have been saved.

Updating TD-1 Firmware

When a new TD-1 firmware is released, it will be provided in a .zip file.

Extract the contents of this file to a folder.

Select the TD-1 menu tab and select “Update Firmware”

Navigate to where you extracted the update files and click “Select Folder”. Be sure not to select the “lib” folder.

The TD-1 will start receiving the files and “Update In Progress” will be displayed.

Once the update is complete “Update Complete Reboot TD-1” will be displayed.