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TD-1 Production Update:

Hello Everyone!

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and interest in this project. I apologize for the lack of frequent updates. I have been hard at work developing the software/firmware for TD-1. As many of you know already know I have already launched Beta access for self-sourcer’s on my Patreon. If you intend to self-source, you may want to join the Patreon now before the price increase! Join here! The software/firmware is approaching v1.0 and getting very close to fully ready for release. I am in the process of making partnerships for the launch of TD-1 and plan to post an update on this topic here in the very near future. What is known, is that the first production run will be a limited run of 500 units and feature something special. On the launch of TD-1, licenses will no longer be issued on a per month of Patreon membership and will instead be purchased individually. Patreon membership will grant you early access to any TD-1 software/firmware updates and any future products that I begin developing. TD-1 will NOT be available for a pre-order as I have shifted my launch structure slightly (I think most people will like the reason for this). The pricing structure has shifted slightly. Below you will find the updates to these pricings.

Feature update:

  • Capture TD: Ready.
  • Capture Hex Color Code: In progress. May still be in Beta at launch.
  • Continuous Scan Mode: Ready. This will no longer be a purchased upgrade and will come standard.
  • HueForge Integration: In process. May not be fully ready at launch.

Official Launch Date:

We are still on track to accomplish a Q1 2024 launch. The official launch date will be provided in the next update.

TD-1 Launch Pricing Structure (Shipping Not Included):

  • $10: License for self-sourced unit. (The Bill of Materials (BOM), STL files, and device firmware will all be publicly available.)
  • $40: self-assembly TD-1 PCB kit. This kit includes all the necessary parts, License, and two custom-designed PCBs for a wire-free assembly (soldering is required, USB-C to USB cable included).
  • $80: TD-1 completed and assembled (USB-C to USB cable included).

8 thoughts on “TD-1 Production Update:”

  1. I am not all that bright or artistic but as soon as I found HueForge I bought a lifetime commercial license. I quickly realized that this was more complicated than I had thought it was going to be. Your device seems to be the cure for some of my fear. I hope you get really busy when you release these, but not till I get a self build kit please! 🙂 I will have to join up and see if I can catch a release kit before they disappear.

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